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A well-defined brand is the cornerstone of success. The skilled lifestyle branding we offer will forge a connection between your brand and your customers. By creating a compelling narrative, your brand should invite your customers to participate and leave them feeling personally connected with your business. When you work with the Kinship team, we explore your core values, beliefs, and goals to help unearth your story, then design a strategy that will attract and retain customers both in-person and digitally.

Because lifestyle branding is so personalized, our holistic approach differs from client to client. No two plans look alike, because no two brands look alike. Our strategy is always built with your unique products, goals and pain points in mind. A commitment to telling your story and building your business is at the heart of everything we do. Brand strategy isn't about creating a logo, and colors, while they are important, we don't offer these services. When we talk about brand strategy, we work on growing your brand for your correct audience and make the long term connection.  We employ the use of copy, photography, social media, mentor relations, media collaborations, and community partnerships. 

Brand Strategy

No matter what stage your business is in, we can work with you to streamline the development process and create a plan of attack going forward. Because you and your business are unique, we offer one-on-one coaching meetings in five-hour blocks where we take a deep dive into your plans and goals. We’ll go over numbers, current business model and areas of opportunity to create a strong action plan. In these meetings, we’ll cover topics like your break-even, branding, hiring and customer service practices, social media, and creative direction. If it sounds like a lot, it is – but we take the time to walk you through each step and stay focused so you will leave with tangible next steps. We’ll have a follow up meeting a few weeks later to see how you’re doing with your action plan and what further steps we can take.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we also offer monthly retainer-based services to a select few clients. As part of this all-inclusive package, we manage social media, styled photographer and marketing direction, focusing our team on building your brand. We help you set goals and reach them, all while providing guidance and support around your brand’s growth. 

While well-defined strategies, KPIs and hard data are all important in this process, the heart of our coaching packages is all about creating a fleshed out, well-loved body of work. It’s not enough to focus on short term goals and tactics; we use this opportunity to dig deep into your brand, your business, and your why to come up with actionable steps and goals to propel your business in the right direction.

At the Kinship, we don’t take this partnership lightly. When you work with us, you’re getting a full team of thinkers, planners and doers who will have your back from day one. We pride ourselves on our grit, compassion, and determination to see you and your business succeed. If we have that in common, let’s chat. 

Business Consulting

The Kinship Series is a new way of connecting to other established small business owners just like you. The monthly web-based speaker series will feature real, raw, honest discussions from other entrepreneurs who have been right where you are. It’s part live podcast, part group consulting, and all valuable, authentic and candid.

The Kinship Series is a support system for you and your business as you grow and develop. This monthly service will include live conversations with real business owners, entrepreneurs and experts in their field. We’ve hand-selected all of our speakers to share about areas in which they thrive, and discuss areas in which they can offer a fresh perspective. You’ll be able to ask questions, give and receive feedback with the group, develop new skills, hone your goals, build your confidence and elevate your outcomes. Our hope is that you leave each monthly session feeling more inspired, refreshed, and invigorated than ever.

Above all, the Kinship Series is a community for business owners and entrepreneurs. Here, we listen to each other, respect each other’s perspectives, and learn from each other’s experience. We root for each other, celebrating successes and working through challenges.
The Kinship Series isn’t a TED talk. It’s not populated with speakers who are rehearsed or motivational. It’s not an instruction manual or a how-to for businesses that are just starting out. There’s no syllabus or action plan.

Instead, there’s camaraderie, family, and support. There are bonds built between you and other people who have faced or are facing your same challenges. There's acceptance and trust.

There’s kinship.

simply.kinship series


An important part in every business journey is knowing when it’s time to add team members and delegate tasks. If you’re ready to start building out an amazing team, but not sure where to begin, we can help. 

The Kinship uses an assessment to analyze and clarify you and your team’s potential, and create solutions for conflict management, job descriptions, hiring and more. 

Whether you already have a team that you’re looking to solidify, or just starting the hiring journey, we can help point you in the right direction. The DISC assessment will help reveal and harness the talent and skills of your team, and lead to more engaged employees, stronger teams and increased productivity.

The assessment analyzes behaviors, motivators, acumen, competencies and emotional intelligence to help you hone your management style, uncover your needs, and build a team of innovators and thinkers who will work well together and propel your business forward.

With the DISC assessment, we’ve helped various teams find greater self-awareness and personal growth, encourage better engagement amongst employees, increase efficiency at the team and organization-wide levels, and cultivate greater clarity in purpose and communication. 

Get in touch today to discuss how the Kinship team can help you develop and better utilize your own team.

Personal + Team Development

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