One-on-One Services

Looking for personalized attention for your business? We offer 1-on-1 consulting, strategy and services for a select number of businesses which could be a business audit, or ongoing consulting.

Business Audit

2 ½ hour business audit

The first thing we want to do with any new client is conduct a business audit. This serves as the best way to break open your business for discovery of new opportunities. Through this holistic approach, we’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not. Here at the Kinship we don’t believe in giving one-size-fits-all advice. Doing an individual business audit is one of the main tools we use to understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Performing a business audit serves as a great tool for many things surrounding your business. It is a great tool to use if you are feeling stuck, unsure about your numbers, want to explore more opportunities for growth, figure out out where you could cut costs, or even learn more about the fundamentals of your business. This is why we require a thorough audit as an essential prerequisite for any client consulting with Simply Kinship.

Every day we hear from small business owners who realize how powerful it would be to learn the business fundamentals they don’t fully understand. They are creatives who are brilliant at their craft but don’t know how to hire help. They are service-based professionals who can’t grasp how to price their time. They are flower farmers who can’t quite comprehend how exactly to negotiate a collaboration agreement. They wonder too often that if only they could get a little boost, they could uncover the magic of their work, leading to more sales. With the help of Simply Kinship, their business would be healthier and ultimately give them more freedom to do what they love. 

With so much pride for how far they’ve come, they still understand that if one of their revenue streams suddenly dropped, or if Instagram shut down for six months, or if they were hit with an unexpected legal complication – their business wouldn’t survive. With the crucial step of a business audit, Simply Kinship will help you identify exactly the strengths and pain points of your situation. With this vital information, we then strategize and point you in the right direction for continued growth and success.

We will audit the following:


We will also make sure to go over and educate about
Fundamental Business Terms & Numbers

Simply Kinship Group Consulting

You’ve completed your individualized business audit and are feeling confident and excited to continue learning and growing your business. You may not be at the stage to have one-on-one retained consulting (yet!) but you don’t want to lose the help and resources The Kinship has provided. You know that with a little more coaching and connection, you’ll be able to focus and clarify and reveal your business magic even more.

A large part of our time with Simply Kinship is spent hosting group consulting sessions. These sessions provide the perfect opportunity for networking, learning, growth and discovery. With a relaxed and holistic environment, these group consulting sessions are a powerful tool for small business owners to come together, learn together and support each other.

Our group consulting includes two 2 ½ hour calls with The Kinship team as well as industry experts as needed. Through these impactful calls, we will go over foundational business topics which will be built around the findings of the group’s business audits. With a group of 6+ small business owners like yourself, this allows us to rotate through the most desirable topics in small business: numbers, target customers, business models, pricing and more. While these group consulting sessions will be based around numbers, there will be plenty of flexibility for participants to ask questions during each call. The value of learnings and knowledge you’ll gain from hearing from other businesses will be immeasurable for your own business.

Monthly Retainer Services


Brand Strategy
No two brands are alike, so neither should two brand strategies. The magic is in your story – it’s the secret formula that can’t be replicated, and that’s the foundation of our approach. Brand strategy isn’t about designing a logo or color palette, and while we recognize their importance, we don’t offer these services.

Brand strategy is telling your brand story in a way that connects to your audience on an emotional level. How do we get there? Like any good story, it’s founded on your company’s core values, beliefs, vision and heritage.

Business Consulting
During our time together, we’ll go deep into the roots of your company – numbers, plans, and goals. We’ll guide you through each step with clear instructions, so you’ll walk away with tangible next steps and accountability to complete them.

Personal & Team Development
Building a team is one of the most important yet difficult aspects of growing your business. Working alongside you, we will create an innovative plan to help you hone your management style, uncover your needs, and build a team of innovators and thinkers who will work well together to propel your business forward.

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