Our Mission

Our mission is to find the heartbeat of your company, the lifeblood, and help you to infuse it into everything you do.

You give us the raw materials and the vision, and we’ll craft a step by step plan to get you there, bringing that vision to life with a little magic and a lot of straight talk. And we’ll work alongside you every step of the way.

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Jen Winter


Everything is about perspective, and Jen’s talent is perspective.

Moving from place to place from a young age, and with a bouquet of life circumstances, Jen has seen many different things. She has seen rich and poor, West and East, honest and dishonest, city and rural. She has worked in customer service, marketing, business development, management and consulting. She started a children’s clothing business and now works primarily with people of the land. All of these experiences, all of these opposites, have done one thing: Created perspective, and brought Jen right where she can have the most impact. The middle.

She’ll make you think. She’ll challenge you. She’ll bring you experiences and points of view that you’ve never had, and you will be different after you’ve met her.

Jen has a talent, aside from her extensive knowledge of business and ability to position businesses for long term success, for seeing people – really seeing them. Small business owners tackle uphill battles of business creation, marketing, positioning, and more,, all for their idea, and often along the way forget that they are capable of making their idea come to life. And then in comes Jen. Jen will help you remember the magic that you have, and she’ll do whatever she can to bring it out.

Mallory Bohn

Director of Operations

As The Kinship’s Director of Operations, Mallory brings her passion for people, her clear communication and creative organization, and her love of small business all together. She works closely with The Kinship team and clients to ensure things run smoothly, and as a liaison for the Simply Kinship program./p>Before coming to The Kinship, Mallory had the opportunity to experience a variety of different careers from Apparel Buyer to Event Coordinator to General Manager of a retail store. In this variety of positions a few things became clear: Mallory has an art for bringing people together and keeping complex things organized. She holds a degree in Consumer Science with an emphasis in Professional Presentation, but feels her biggest opportunity for learning is in her every day interactions.

Originally from Utah, Mallory now lives outside of Sacramento with her husband, their rambunctious son, and their two dogs.

Our Experience

We’re more than a marketing agency; our holistic, hands-on approach emphasizes the “why” of your business first, then the “what” and the “how”.
We look at the whole, the big picture, and then craft strategies and action plans for the individual moving parts that make up that whole.

We know what it’s like to actually run a small business; in 2012, we started Salt City Emporium, a children’s clothing company that served as proof of concept and ran parallel to the Kinship.

The goal of our proof of concept was to fine tune us to the new digital world of social media, online commerce, production, and day to day operations of running a product-based small business.

This experience put us squarely in our clients’ shoes and allowed us to show and not tell which methods, approaches and strategies worked, and then offer that first-hand experience to our client base.

Over the past two decades since then, we’ve applied this experience, working with dozens and dozens of small business owners in a wide range of industries.

We now offer our expertise through our Simply Kinship business community and 1-on-1 consulting.

Let's Tell Your Story

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