What is Simply Kinship?

Simply Kinship is an online business program teaching fundamental concepts, practical application and real life scenarios. At the core is our proof-of-concept, a framework “business” that serves as a model for all the scenarios, questions and teachings throughout the program.

Each month we host live, interactive conversations with business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts in their field. These are real, raw, honest discussions from people who have been right where you are, talking about how they work through and approach different business scenarios. We’ll cover things like accountability, legal questions, business financials, photography, social media, web design, wholesaling, working with a partner, and more.

Our approach focuses on universal concepts that are relatable to all small businesses, no matter the size, experience or industry.

Who is it for?

Simply Kinship is for you if:

-You own a small business in the business-to-consumer field, such as a farm, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, event venue, online e-commerce, or retail brick & mortar.

-You want to scale, grow, or expand your business using a combination of good ol’ fashioned business principles with modern techniques.

-You have at least a working knowledge of business basics, including topics like LLC vs. S Corp, securing a URL, and having your business license in hand.

-You either can’t or don’t want to hire a business consultant, but still want the guidance, resources, and tools to grow your business on your own.

What’s included?

Over the course of this 9-month long mastery program, you will be exposed to a number of different business scenarios. To start the program, you will participate in a 1-hour audit of your business to help you define where your company sits health wise.







What will I learn?

Some topics you can expect to learn over the course of Simply Kinship include:


Email Campaigns




Cash Flow & Cash Management


Buying Program


Merchandising (both online and in-store)


Using photography in your business


Hiring and working with a contractor


Knowing your daily numbers and forecasting


Important dates in the business fiscal year


Pitching to buyers


Collaborations with outside vendors and/or creatives


Creating legal agreements


Hiring and firing employees


Confidentiality and Non-competes


Intellectual Property


Content Creation


Social Media Strategy


Facebook Ads/Google Ads


Google Business Suite


Inventory control and management

Why is it Different?

We have had several folks say to us that they have always wanted to work with us but can’t afford to do that, and in fairness, not all can. We charge a few thousand a month for our full attention as a starting point, but the Simply Kinship program was designed specifically for those that want the same information and attention but at a budget they can afford.

Most online courses, membership programs, and/or mastermind groups base their methodology solely on what worked for their individual company. It can feel limiting, especially when your company functions in a unique industry or business model.

In Simply Kinship, we take a holistic approach via business fundamentals that can be applied to nearly any industry and business model. Our proof-of-concept fictitious “business” encompasses the common struggles that our small business owners are most likely facing and serves as the baseline for all the scenarios and solutions throughout the program.

We’ve worked with over 500 companies over the years, in nearly every industry imaginable. They’ve all gone through our holistic approach from the bottom up, and each one has seen tangible results from our work together.

What They Say

We can’t express how much the Kinship has transformed our business. We can say with certainty that we would not be where we are today without them! The best part of working with them has been making goals and then being held accountable to meet those goals.

House of Jade
Jen and The Kinship team have been integral to both my personal and business success. Jen keeps me going even when I’m ready to quit, asks the tough questions that spur growth, and most importantly, keeps me focused on my why.

Snuck Farm
It’s difficult to find words to describe something that is…. everything. In the last 12 months, it’s been the difference between ‘me’ and ‘we’. A lighthouse. A safe haven for thoughts, brainstorming and someone to ride with on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

Madly Wish

What’s the investment?

Your investment of $750 per month will grant you:

  • An invaluable 1-hour audit of your business to help them define where your company sits health wise
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the Simply Kinship online mastery program and all of its exclusive content
  • Online hours of support each week with a mentor and access to our ongoing library of resources
  • Exclusive group retreat with all members of the program

By the end of the program, you’ll have learned the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully scale your business to cover your investment again.

Our current program will run from April-December 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a step-by-step course or program?
No, this is a business mastermind and support community. There are enough self-proclaimed business gurus out there, and you won’t find any 5-step programs or “secret methods” here. We believe the real secret to success is camraderie, support, a community of people to cheer you on, and help you learn and grow. That’s what Simply Kinship is all about.
How long is the program?

Three quarters long, or nine months. As of right now we only have plans to run this once a year. So the next group won’t start until April of 2021, over a year away.

Are you accepting new client to The Kinship Creative?

No, we have dedicated this year to Simply Kinship and our dedicated client list that we have maintained for the past several years. We will not be opening any more space beyond Simply Kinship clients.

Do I have to be a business, or can I be a consultant to join?

No, anyone in business for themselves can benefit from Simply Kinship.

Will this be like other online courses?
No. We’ve worked hard to bridge the gap between online courses that don’t follow through with the execution aspect by including clear action plans on how to implement what you learn.
How will we participate and receive the information each week? 

Each week on Tuesday morning we will participate in a live Zoom call, if you are unable to attend each call they will be recorded for viewing again, or for the first time at a later date. Each month will present a key component to small business, each week within that month will have a group call with scenarios surrounding the topic of the month. Think numbers, cash flow, marketing, etc. Our curriculum consists of consulting with me, a creative expert in their field, or a keynote speaker on a broader topic. Providing a very full and round understanding of each fundamental business component. By the end of the nine months you will have covered all pertinent areas of entrepreneurship, platforms, best practices, what works/what doesn’t, understand how to use a breakeven tool, forecast for your upcoming year, balance cash flow, create diverse revenue streams, etc. In addition, we will have mentors, a private FB group and a Simply Kinship Slack channel for member forum discussions, questions, and updates. Lastly, we will host a three day retreat in early autumn for the  Simply Kinship participants that will bring us all together from all corners of the US for an in-person setting to discuss even more of your business, as well as participate in some unconventional ways of growing your business. This is where we bring in the magic and imagination!

How do I know if my business is a fit?

I highly encourage you to schedule a call time with me to see if this is something you are ready for in your current stage of life and business. it’s not for the faint of heart, but for those that are serious about their business and their future. 

Prior to the actual start date of Simply Kinship, if accepted, we will set an appointment with you and look over where you are in your business, point out areas to pay extra special attention to when they come up in the program, and give you a status of the health of your business and where we see it can grow.

Can I come in and out of Simply Kinship?

No, this is a full three quarter service, it builds on top of what you learned from the days and weeks past. We specifically designed it to start with numbers, customer base, business model and revenue streams, marketing, hiring, legal, websites, platforms, email, social media, photography, etc in a way that creates a full fledged consulting experience. We will be flexible and move around as we see it fits the community best, at times stopping and going back over an area that we hear needs more coverage, or bump up where in the curriculum several seem to be struggling with or needing more information. Because this is a living breathing, real time, curriculum with real people leading the program, we are not allowing newcomers into the program.

Is this a pre-recorded program that will have video modules?

No, we don’t believe in those types of learning programs. You and your business are real, and have questions that need an actual person to hear them, and to work through them with you. While we will have a forum for additional feedback, questions, sharing, etc, our weekly calls are live, open, and full of actual information that pertains to your situation with your business as it stands. 

Each person will be different, but the things we will be consulting on are fundamentals for every business, they are actual scenarios from all of our collective client work, they are tried and true practices and they are real. I can NOT focus on this enough. We did not make this program to be a one-size-fits-all. In fact this is a major area of concern for us as we continue to see programs that are pre-recorded and barely skim the surface of small business. If you know anything about us, you know that we hit hard and with information that isn’t perfect or made up. We ask tough questions, we give behind the scenes information that is hard to find, and we will turn over every rock until we find a fit. We create real action plans and we want to see real movement for you.

How do I pay for this Simply Kinship service?

Each month you will be sent an invoice for $750, due within 5 days. I understand this might be more money than you have ever spent on your business in this area. We know that, we also know that our value is higher than $750 per month with our collective area of expertise. You will not only have the backing of the entire team of consultants, experts, keynotes, copy writers, coders, photographers, designers, marketers and the experience of working with over 500 companies just like yourself, you will also watch us work a small business into life, just as you are doing with your own, in real time. 

If you do the math another way, $750 would be equivalent to hiring one employee into your business at $10 an hour for 18.75 hours a week, a part-time employee can not provide the amount of work, expertise, and information you will receive each month from SK. The only way we are able to offer this service is through a group setting, and we deeply believe in group settings as we often times find our monthly retained clients looking for that same type of scenario through collaboration. People do better in groups when they can find camaraderie in the day-to-day, to realize you aren’t alone, and can seek out individual relationships that speak to you on a relatable level. 

I’m still unsure. Can I ask questions before I sign up?

We get it. It’s a big decision and there can be a lot of uncertainty right before we make big moves. Let’s get in touch. Find a time to talk with me and we’ll talk for a short while about questions you have or things that might be holding you back. It’s free, no pressure, and no agenda. Remember, we’re here for YOU.

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