Business Development


Consulting with an expert on your small business is key to growing.  In our hourly one-on-one consulting, we typically cover areas around your break even, marketing and branding, hiring and customer service practices, social media direction, and overall creative direction. 

For the companies looking to grow their business and take it to the next level, we do offer retained monthly services beyond our hourly time slots.  Email us for availability, as we only take on a select amount of clients per month who need help with their marketing direction, including photography, styling and social media management. 

Email us at for more info on packaging prices and inclusions. We work all over the world, so just because we are based in SLC, does not mean we can't work together.

Marketing Course

Marketing Workshops
Our marketing course is for owners, + one, to walk you through marketing, define your growth opportunities and then understand the channels of advertising that tell the story of your business while accomplishing goals.  Social media is great, but it's more than just a pretty picture.  Emails are important but are you segmenting them out appropriately for your different audiences?  And most importantly are they converting to sales?