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While creating advertising pieces are fun and everyone loves to see their ideas come to fruition, you can't create anything without it having a message, right?  Marketing plans support the company, they are the brains of how to increase profit, retain your current customers and work to acquire new ones.  Without a plan, you've heard it before, you plan to fail.  

Our marketing course has been created to walk you through identifying your target customer, define your growth opportunities and then understand the channels of advertising that tell the story of your business while accomplishing goals.  Social media is great, but it's more than just a pretty picture.  Emails are important but are you segmenting them out appropriately for your different audiences?  And most importantly are they converting to sales?

We will cover in class, social media, online and offline media, Google Ads, analytics, branding and several other channels that are pertinent to your growth in the digital era. 

Our course happens once a month, with limited space.  Not only do you learn from us, but from your peers, who interact together throughout the class, making for a rich Q&A.  

Our course happens once a month, with limited space, and includes one full day of learning, and one-on-one contact, as you walk yourself through the plan for up to 60 days, we check the temperature of your plan and look for conversion metrics. 

*Courses are taught in SLC, but telecommunication is available for those unable to attend locally.