Don't take our word for it. 

Hear from your peers how they work with us, we invite you to contact any of our clients, past or present, to ask them for a first-hand review of how we work together. 

Read what they're saying below, see a bit of what we do here.

Whitney Surane, Madly Wish

"Kinship.  It's difficult to find words to describe something that is....everything.  In the last 12 months, it's been the difference between 'me' and 'we'.  A lighthouse.  A safe haven for thoughts, brainstorming and someone to ride with on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.  Working with Jen and her team has been therapeutic, life-changing and very, very hard work at times.  But I cannot imagine my brand or my life without them."

Kirsten Krason, House of Jade Interiors

"We can’t express how much the Kinship has transformed our business.  We can say with certainty that we would not be where we are today without them! The best part of working with them has been making goals and then being held accountable to meet those goals. They gave us the resources and knowledge needed to bump up our marketing, hire and train new employees, figure out our budget and numbers and take our business to a different level.  We love knowing we have someone on our side to help us look outside of the box and cheer us on!"

Farmer Luke, Petersen Family Farm

"The Kinship Creative is true to its name.  Jen and her team are not only creative and knowledgeable, they care so much about the long-term success of my business that they feel like family.  It is rare to find a marketing company that is not only willing but able to provide a comprehensive and professional service with a personal touch.  The services we have received have been tailored to our needs and have changed immediately when needs have arisen.  We have worked with other marketing companies in the past, and have never found one to be as engaged and capable.

If you are fortunate enough to enter into business with this company, your investment will reap monetary benefits as well as help you to reach the visionary goals of your business.  Jen and her staff have a special talent for quickly understanding your vision and your business. I trust them to generate content that fits our brand and to drive the customers that I want to my establishment.  In only a few months, we have accomplished all the goals set in the contract and are meeting, or exceeding, our sales objectives with exciting and promising prospects already aligning for the coming weeks and months.  Thanks, Kinship."

Brittany White Johnson, Trio Design

Incredibly well organized, from registration to the actual workshop/itinerary; it is lengthy but I hardly noticed as the material content was interesting, as was the Q&A along the way.  
I appreciated the follow-up meeting too, not only did Jen come to me (which saves times for my busy schedule) she as always, brought brilliant information and insight, and helped generate ideas specific to my business and our growth/marketing goals.

Plus, ya'll not only talk-the-talk, but you walk-the-walk, from start to finish.

Krista Sims, Mini Mischief

"If I could keep you around longer I would! The Kinship Creative team were oh so kind and always there to help in my first go at being a small business owner. The knowledge that your team possesses opened my eyes to how much I have to learn, but also impressed me in that each time we spoke I learned something new. I also welcomed and greatly appreciated any feedback, good or bad, because I knew you had my business’ best interest at heart. I felt nothing but total openness and trust with The Kinship Creative!!"

Lindsey Elliott, Wylder Goods

"Being an emerging start-up and new to Salt Lake City, meeting like-minded, driven entrepreneurs like Jen Wakeland has been imperative to our success. Jen is an incredibly driven and motivated business owner, who has a unique and diversified skill set when it comes to project development and implementation. We relate to her boot-strapped, hands-on approach to business and her focus on scalability in success. She’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to e-commerce and resources for female entrepreneurs, as well as merchandise production. Overall, she is a keystone in the thriving network of entrepreneurs and creatives.”

Brittany Bowen, Brittany Bowen Photography

"Just wanted to write you a little thank you note for helping me with some great ideas for my business.  I’m happy to say that in 2015 I tripled my income from 2014. Which isn’t too crazy considering I didn’t necessarily make insane amounts of money in 2014. But I surpassed all of the goals I set for myself and more. Not only that but from the last half of 2015 when I started focusing more on my business development and taking classes and meeting with your mentor sessions, I doubled my income from the first half of the year. I’ve been meeting my monthly goals every month since I worked with you to figure out my break even point and healthy goal setting.

I want to thank you for taking the time to meet and brainstorm with me, and for giving me a more clear direction to run with my aspirations. It has been so invigorating and empowering to see my business start to come alive. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for being awesome and for sharing your knowledge with people like me." 

Michelle Wolfe, Sugared Caramel Candy

 "If I had the team at The Kinship Creative by my side when I first opened my business, I would be in a far better place. Luckily, I found them a few years in...Jen and her team are professionals who have a very solid knowledge of many, many, business principles. Every time I follow her advice, business grows."

Alicia Holdaway, Sherpa Solution

"Kinship's marketing workshop was hands down, the most practical information I have ever received regarding true marketing for my business and how to TRULY leverage your brand to accomplish your goals. Just when I thought I had somewhat of a handle on our marketing, I was blown away by how much I still have to learn. Having Kinship in our corner gives us the confidence to know we can capitalize on the brilliance of what digital marketing really has to offer in the online world we live in, even though we have an 'offline' services business. Thank you, Jen and Kinship for your incredible wealth of knowledge!"

Tonya Olsen, Tanya Olsen Design

"I attended the Kinship Creative Affixed Marketing workshop to gain insights on branding and marketing for my small business. Wow, was I impressed! Jen really knows her stuff! The best part about Jen's knowledge is that it was gained through personal experience. She's ironed out the mechanics of marketing a small business in today's sensory overloaded world. She presents a clear-cut roadmap for branding and marketing, and I walked away with an action plan to take my small business to the next level. Jen is personable, yet professional, and I particularly enjoyed hearing about her own small business journey. I'd highly recommend this workshop if you're serious about growing your small business!"

Anne Dorsey, Milk and Honey Wellness

"The Affixed Marketing Workshop provided knowledge and guidance on marketing, social media, creating/following an editorial calendar and more. The workshop was a nice balance between marketing information and knowledge along with implementation support

After finishing the workshop, I made a decision to sit down and create my year-long editorial calendar and focus on my social media presence. It has made an amazing difference in the organization and flow of my business! 
This workshop was well worth the time and money I invested, and I would recommend it to any small business owner in need of additional knowledge and guidance!"

Heather Peeters, Solstice Spices

"I love that Jen is down to business and straightforward. The Kinship knows how to get at what you need and help you succeed!"