small business consulting

The Kinship was founded by Jen Wakeland, who is a creative consultant with some of today's leading start-ups from technology, interior design, restaurants, fashion, to urban farming.  She has a fire in her belly for entrepreneurship, with hours and hours of consulting time in business development, hands-on experience, and visionary leadership; Jen creates brands through visual storytelling for start-ups and has managed several large brands through growth spurts, launching of new products, and times of concern over company direction.   Our clients are located throughout the US, with studios in Seattle and Salt Lake City as our hubs. 

As a way to keep in tune with our clients, The Kinship has worked tirelessly through our "proof of concept" retail company Salt City Emporium, to understand this new digital marketing era, practice what we preach, and implement it as we would ask our clients to do.  We take the risk so you don't have to, and instead turn our education and experience into your success.  You can read more of what our clients think about us here.  

Our team makes up 38 years of small business history, split between years of business development, marketing, design, styling and storytelling.