Our Journal

When you visit Angie Wendricks’s Instagram feed, @countyroadliving, you’ll notice a few things right away. First, it’s full of clean lines, soft whites, handmade touches, and vintage finds. Second, it’s shot almost entirely within the bounds of Angie’s under-800-square-foot house. And third, even given those two constraints—somehow, despite them—it’s not repetitive. Instead, it’s a testament […]

We took some time to sit down and give some words to the start of the Kinship and our why. Article by our own, Carmen Montopoli. In 2012, one day after her son’s first birthday, Jen Wakeland founded Salt City Emporium. Over the next six years, her business evolved, one step at a time, until […]

Raise your hand if you’ve dreaded hiring and building a team, (everyone raises their hands), me too. For me, I’ve decided to buck the system since it wasn’t working for our team. I don’t necessarily care what your credentials are, where you volunteered, and what you think your five year goal is, what I care […]

It’s 5:15 am and already my Slack channels are full of new messages. Clients are wondering how we’re planning to promote an event; our liaison has questions about scheduling upcoming workshops; our photographer has uploaded a batch of photos from the latest shoot; our copywriter has social media she needs me to approve. Although I […]

How many times in our lives do we stand at a fork in the road, undecided? It’s an experience universal enough that one of the best-known poems in the English language describes it. You’ve heard the ending of “The Road Not Taken,” in which Robert Frost writes: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— […]

In the end, we moved because of a pumpkin cupcake. We’d looked for the right place all over the country, from the low mountains in the east to the flatlands of the midwest to the big-tree northwest. We knew only that we wanted land: an expanse where we could stretch our legs and slow our […]

It’s early morning, still dark with the land outside not yet in silhouette. In this moment, things look much the same as they did a year ago; the light from my laptop screen glowing in the dark, the mug of coffee in my hand, the emails awaiting me, the hustle about to begin. In fact, […]