Our Journal

When we moved from a Salt Lake City suburb to a farm in western Washington, we knew our lives would change. Things that had been within a few minutes’ drive were now located down a miles-long access road. The closest big city is over an hour away – and the second-closest is in another country. […]

Boogie has never particularly liked loading on the trailer. He’s nervous about it, hesitant to get in. We’ve always been able to get him to go in eventually, but it’s rarely smooth. I asked around at lessons, and among the horse owners I knew. Most people recommended just continuing to load him as we had […]

Working with horses boils down to trust. Of course, we have to trust the horses themselves: they’re bigger, faster, and stronger than us. They have thousands of years of instincts baked into their DNA, alerting them to everything from minute shifts in scent to faraway sounds. For about 6,000 of those years, they’ve worked with […]

The other day, my daughter Olivia and I walked out to the pasture to get Dublin into the trailer for lessons. Dublin’s a sweet little mare, friendly and always up for a snuggle. She loves Olivia and Olivia loves her right back, with the special understanding that children and horses sometimes seem to have. As […]

At the moment it happened, time slowed and became like looking at old-fashioned film, one subtly different image at a time. Boogie reared, his front hooves leaving the ground in an upward arc. For a long moment, he balanced at the apex of the movement. And then, slowly and inevitably, he fell. — That day, […]

“Yeah, I checked Asana for your message. I mean, Slack, I checked Slack,” said one of the Kinship team at our biweekly Monday meeting. A few minutes later, another teammate chimed in: “Hey, can you check the TeamUp Calendar for tasks? No, I mean check Asana for tasks.” And a little later: “Can you send […]

The other day, I stood up from my office chair, walked outside, and kept walking. My brain felt like it was underwater, with everything muffled and blurred. I had projects to do, but nothing with a looming deadline, and I found my inspiration and motivation had deserted me completely. So I walked. As my mind […]

When I first started the Kinship, it felt like I was doing something no one had ever done before. I didn’t know other people who were doing the work I wanted to do: building up other small businesses and helping them tell their stories. Every direction I moved, and every decision I made, relied on […]

When you visit Angie Wendricks’s Instagram feed, @countyroadliving, you’ll notice a few things right away. First, it’s full of clean lines, soft whites, handmade touches, and vintage finds. Second, it’s shot almost entirely within the bounds of Angie’s under-800-square-foot house. And third, even given those two constraints—somehow, despite them—it’s not repetitive. Instead, it’s a testament […]

We took some time to sit down and give some words to the start of the Kinship and our why. Article by our own, Carmen Montopoli. In 2012, one day after her son’s first birthday, Jen Wakeland founded Salt City Emporium. Over the next six years, her business evolved, one step at a time, until […]